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Women Give Hockey a Try Day

Earlier this month, Portland Women's Hockey League hosted a Women Give Hockey a Try event where women could come out with no experience necessary to learn the basics of hockey. Over 30 women braved the unknown to step foot on the ice and give it a shot! We could confidently say that the event was a huge success just from the endless smiles and all of the talk following the event.

Hockey isn't just a sport where you show up and you're ready to go. First, there's all the gear and putting the gear on. Thanks to the many PWHL members that leant gear and helped the ladies figure out what goes where and in what order. Then, there's actually getting on the ice. And if you didn't grow up in one of those freezing cold states, ice skating probably isn't something you've done or it's been a long while since you've it. Then add in a stick and a puck! What in the and how in the heck goes on with all that?! Well we were lucky enough to have more than a handful of the women in the league volunteer as coaches to run drills and give pointers throughout the event to ensure everyone left with a little more knowledge and skill

than they came in with.

A huge thank you to all involved from the ladies signing up, coaches on the ice, and organizers in the background!!

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